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Unto Us A Savior is Born

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An Everlasting Plan for Our Lives

From the human perspective, no one knows us better than ourselves. If we are honest, we can conclude that we struggle with understanding God’s plan for our lives. Sometimes we declare to ourselves that we are not fit enough to fulfill God’s purpose. However, when we study the Scriptures, we understand that God uses the most ordinary things and people on this planet to glorify His name.

God has used from the gopher’s wood to the shepherd’s staff, from the flint stone rock to the smooth pebbles, from the mighty king to the small slave girl to show us that when God is at work, all things are possible. Therefore, we must rely on the plan God has for our lives rather than our own evaluation of what we can do for God.

The story of Christmas reminds us that God who values us so much and demonstrated His love by sending His Son, Jesus Christ into this world, to redeem us. We need to understand that; we do not derive our value from our ancestors, our finances and our social status, but our value comes from God and God alone. This Christmas, start with Christ, if you do not know Jesus Christ, let this Christmas be the day you accept the Gift of God by placing your faith and trust in Christ.

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We want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.