We do not lose heart

the source of our encouragement

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When serving God, one thing we can do is to trust God. There will be times in our ministry when God will bring adversity in our lives to help us to prepare for effective ministry. There is no doubt that God could have brought Joseph directly to Pharaoh’s place to preserve the people and ultimately the people of Israel. However, Joseph did go through the time of adversity to serve God in a manner which required him to take his responsibility seriously.

God through Jesus Christ has given us the ministry of reconciliation, where, we have been given the title of ambassadors. We are His representation, where, God is making His appeal through us for the mankind to come in a personal relationship with Him.

If you have been in the ministry for some time, you know, that serving the Lord is not an easy task. Throughout the epistles, the apostle Paul reminds us to rely on the Lord for our strength comes from Him; therefore, we must rely on His strength and lose heart. The Spirit of God, Who knows the mind of God, reveals God’s perfect and Holy will to us.

Putting it into practice

In the light of God’s word and His mercies, let us now lose heart as we face adversity in our lives. We ourselves needs to be reminded that God uses these hardships to prepare us for the larger task He has in mind which will bring far more glory to His name through our lives. Start with prayer and by spending time in the Word of God and be reminded of Christ’s own words, “I will be with you till the end of the age”. We are not alone! The source of our encouragement is not us but God Himself.