Premarital counseling for Christian couples

Why Premarital Counseling for Christian Couples is Essential: A Short Guide to Strengthening Your Relationship Before Marriage

Premarital counseling is an essential step for Christian couples to strengthen their relationship and align it with their faith. It can provide guidance and support in areas such as communication, conflict resolution, and financial management.

sculpting clay

marriage: fruitless effort

We tend to enforce our own marital-worldview on our spouse and neglect to see our own behavior and conduct. The wrong approach to our marriage not only deteriorates our relationship with our spouse, but leaves us frustrated.


marriage: more than getting rid of spiders

Is there a single thing in marriage we can focus on, which will help thrive in our relationship and set an example for the generations to come?


marriage: this fall, join us in Bloomfield, CT

The Iron Sharpens Iron Marriage Conference is designed to equip couples with biblical principles and practical application. Carissa and I are registered and would love you to join us.

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