What is palm Sunday?

What is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday is more than a marking the nearing of the Easter. We must acknowledge the word of God as is and submit to its truth rather than how the culture is portraying it. Pastor Aamir Din sheds the light about accepting Christ as our savior and beginning. a new chapter in our lives.

Arrival of Jesus Christ

The Arrival of Jesus Christ

We began the study of the Life and Ministry of Christ. The word of God teaches us that the beginning of Christ ministry on earth was not His beginning. He is God and He has no beginning.

Jesus Christ (Tintoretto)

life and ministry of Jesus Christ: an invitation for you to know about Jesus so you can know Him

Today, Jesus is stranger in the midst of His followers. They claim to know about Him, pray to God in His name, talk about Him, sing about Him; however, do not know Him. This fall, we are going over the life and the ministry of Jesus Christ and we invite you to join us.

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