gospel Of John introduction

The Gospel of John, Introduction

The Gospel of John is one of the four canonical gospels in the New Testament of the Bible. It is believed to have been written by John the Apostle, and it is the fourth gospel in the New Testament. The book is divided into 21 chapters and contains a unique perspective on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, including the famous passages of the “Word made flesh” (1:14) and Jesus’ “I am” statements (6:35, 8:12, etc.). It also contains the account of the raising of Lazarus (11:1-44) and the Last Supper (13:1-17:26).

The Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul: A Theologian, Missionary, Pastor, and A Mentor

Apostle Paul was a dedicated servant of Jesus, a theologian, missionary, pastor, mentor and martyr. He played a vital role in the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, and his writings provide valuable insight into the teachings of Jesus.

Apostle Paul: Calling

The life changing event for the apostle Paul was his encounter with Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. His calling will set him on the path, which will not only bring glory to God but ultimately death of the apostle under the reign of Nero.

Apostle Paul: Pharisee

The apostle Paul identified himself as a Pharisee in the book of Philippians 3. Paul was committed to the teachings and the traditions of the Pharisaical community; Paul even goes as far to make the statement that he is a descendant of a pharisee.

Apostle Paul: Zealous

A Zealous Follower of Jewish Law The zealous tradition goes back to the Phinehas. The apostle Paul carries this tradition

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Apostle Paul: Background

We piece together the life of the apostle Paul by gleaning into the New Testament, starting with his background. Paul stands in the history of believers as the thinker and the doer of the Word of God; and the scriptures encourage us to imitate him, for he imitated Christ Jesus.

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