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Pray for the Syrian and the Turkish Conflict

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, God has enabled us to do His will in accordance to the mission He has given us in Christ Jesus. Through the grace given to us in Christ Jesus, God calls us to intercede on the behalf others, which means, that even though they do not know our efforts regarding their condition and situation; we are praying for them and their well beings.

Let us draw near to God and bring this conflict before the throne of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the God who is in control; He is the God who can change the hearts of humanity; and He is the God who has given us the responsibility of care and pray for those who are hurting and are powerless. Pray that His will be done and He will strengthen the believers and rescue them from this peril.

You can start praying for the following requests:

  • The leadership of these countries and their allies
  • American Troops and their families
  • People affected by the conflict
  • Missionaries who have been laying the stones for the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Believers who are and will be effected by these events
  • Our country and its leadership

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