Experiencing Joy in the time of adversity

what does it mean to be human?

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It is important for us to lay the ground work in order for us to understand who God is and His plan for our lives. If we are to experience the joy in the time of adversity, we need to know that: we are children of God, Jesus Christ is the Creator, Redeemer and the God of Restoration, and what does it mean to be human.

In the passage listed below, the apostle Paul is expressing his love for the saints in Philippi and is encouraging the believers to love one another. The apostle understood the uniqueness of human beings. We are created on the image of God and our value does not come from a local government or a man-made constitution but is given to us by God alone.

Human Race

According to the dictionary of Bible themes, “human beings are the high point of God’s creation. They alone are created in His image. As a result of sin they are alienated from God and from one another, and are unable by themselves to alter this situation. The salvation of humanity rests totally upon the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, received by grace through faith.”

Image of God


Called to Display God’s Love