One Thing: Assurance

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Certainty of Our Salvation by Pastor Aamir Din

The great number of believers–those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior–question their relationship with Jesus Christ. Even though they have placed their faith and trust in Him, they continue to struggle with the assurance of their salvation. In this sermon, pastor Din, reminds us all why Christianity is the one way to God and how we can test other worldviews.

Basis of Assurance

The assurance of believers is based upon the certain knowledge of God revealed in creation and His mighty acts in history, upon the certainty of His promises, the vindication and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the inward testimony and outward demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit.


Certainty of Our Salvation

The believers struggle with the security of their salvation and many times have been led astray. We must rely on the word of God and understand who God is and how we can rely on Him when it comes to our salvation.