Miracles in the Old and the New Testament

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We must look at the miracles as they are. The divine interventions. When we see the heavens declare the glory of God, we may question that every act of God in Creation is and should be considered a miracle. The Old and the New Testament are full of these types of interventions on behalf of those who received His favor and mercy.

“The study of “miracles” in the Hebrew Bible may be, in fact, an illegitimate pursuit. Hebrew has no equivalent term for the English concept “miracle.” it only in rabbinic Hebrew that the word nēs is found with this meaning: “Ten wonders were wrought for our fathers in Egypt, and ten at the [Red] Sea” (Abot 5:4); “if one sees a place where miracles have bene wrought for Israel, he should say, blessed be He who wrought miracles for our ancestors in this place”. In the Bible, however, the word indicates a long pole enabling something set upon it to be seen at a great distance (Numbers 21:8-9; Isaiah 30:17), or a pole for a banner (Isaiah 33:23; Ezekiel 27:7).”

There are several other words in the Old Testament that convey the subject of miracles. Due to the time constrains I am not able to shed light on these words but am planning to update them in due time as the Lord enables me. These words are: gedolot–only in the plural, niplaot–only in plural, pele, the verb pl, ot and mopet.

I would suggest that you do additional research on the following sub topics of miracles for the in-depth study. I have mentioned earlier, that by the grace of God, I will take opportunity to add additional sub topics to this article. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Sub Topics of Miracle

There are several sub topics of miracle that one should invest time and effort in to understand it at depth. I am listing them below and will share more info with you in the future.

Prayer and Miracle.

Creation as a Miracle.

Waiting on God.

Ability to perform Miracles based on need.

This is widely seen in the ministry of the New Testament.

Sovereignty of God.

Miracle within a Miracle.

Focused Miracle

When a miracle bypasses others based on the Will of God. i.e. Lazarus’s resurrection.

History of Miracle

Type of Miracles.










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