Apostle Paul: A Theologian

The credit of the majority of the New Testament theology goes to the apostle Paul. The structure of the theology is based on Paul’s personal convictions as the descendant of Abraham.

Apostle Paul: Calling

The life changing event for the apostle Paul was his encounter with Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. His calling will set him on the path, which will not only bring glory to God but ultimately death of the apostle under the reign of Nero.

Apostle Paul: Pharisee

The apostle Paul identified himself as a Pharisee in the book of Philippians 3. Paul was committed to the teachings and the traditions of the Pharisaical community; Paul even goes as far to make the statement that he is a descendant of a pharisee.

Apostle Paul: Zealous

A Zealous Follower of Jewish Law The zealous tradition goes back to the Phinehas. The apostle Paul carries this tradition

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Apostle Paul: Background

We piece together the life of the apostle Paul by gleaning into the New Testament, starting with his background. Paul stands in the history of believers as the thinker and the doer of the Word of God; and the scriptures encourage us to imitate him, for he imitated Christ Jesus.

Healing of Many

Recorded in the gospel of Matthew, Jesus heals many of their various diseases, pain, epilepsy, and paralysis. The work done in the body of these individual was super-natural and only God can perform such act.

Miracles in the Old and the New Testament

The study of the miracles is important and much needed in the life of a Christian today than ever before. The miracles help us understand the magnificent of God and His grace toward His creation.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

The doctrine of the Third person of the Trinity has been controversial throughout the Church history. We cannot ignore the subject of the Holy Spirit and it is important for us to take the time to study it and if lead by the grace of God, through Christ, teach others about Him.

Experiencing Joy in the time of adversity

what does it mean to be human?

It is important for us to lay the ground work in order for us to understand who God is and

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Experiencing Joy in the time of adversity

The Creator, Redeemer and the God of Restoration

The Christian faith offers contentment for the life of the believers and those who are around them. However, as we live in the world full of adversity it pushes us in the realm of doubt. Where we find ourselves posing questions such as, if I am experiencing adversity, am I saved, do I belong to the kingdom of God, and how can I rejoice in the midst of adversity.

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