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When we are focused on performance our goal is to impress people, even when those are not our attention. These desires can arise from seeking the approval of others and their acceptance; however, we need to know that these things are not lasting and are wearisome. We must take the time and look at the other side and see if the performance is not cutting it for us what would.

The answer is simple and comes to us as a reminder rather than a suggestion. When we focus on caring for others because we value them as who they are, we genuinely connect with other people and they come to understand that our desire is not to win the affection but to help them–in return win their hearts. These types of relationship are lasting and profitable to all who are involved. Our ultimate goal as John Maxwell will suggest, should be to make friends rather than build a fan-base.

Look at Them’ Over ‘Look at Me’

In this snippet, John gives his view of ‘performance’, which he approaches from inside instead of from the outside. John would like us to know the difference between ‘connection’ and ‘performance’.

Performance – Minute with Maxwell

Source: Look at Them’ Over ‘Look at Me’

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