God with us

God is With and For Us.

With God on our side, it is easy to believe that all of this fruit came in a year like 2020, and we are so thankful for the role you have taken to make this all happen for the glory of God. All praise be to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who uses us through the leading of His Holy Spirit to do His will.

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DO YOU KNOW: You can live without fear.

When we examine our heart, we understand that there are underlying fears in our lives. Even though the world around us does not see our struggles, we know the struggles are there. Let’s learn that we can live a life without fear.

What is palm Sunday?

What is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday is more than a marking the nearing of the Easter. We must acknowledge the word of God as is and submit to its truth rather than how the culture is portraying it. Pastor Aamir Din sheds the light about accepting Christ as our savior and beginning. a new chapter in our lives.

Waiting on God

Wait On The Lord Patiently

The more days we live on the face of this earth, the more we appreciate and understand the Psalter. I will encourage everyone to read the psalms and understand the faithfulness of God.

Our Response to the Suffering

Our Response to the Suffering

Even though we are going through sufferings, we are not exempt from the responsibilities God has given as human-being. Our view of sufferings changes once we know who God is.

Serve From Home

COVID-19 Communication//Update

We are serving the Lord faithfully and we encourage you to continue to serve the Lord as He has called us. He has prepared us for such circumstances and is using us for His glory and His purpose.

Developing Spiritual Immunity

We must focus on our spiritual development during our struggle, for we are always involved in spiritual warfare. Satan uses such opportunities to attack the believers..

Overwhelming Situations

Our Response to the Overwhelming Situations

We seek help when the burdens are lofty and we cannot carry them or manage them ourselves. Who can help us in such times? The bible helps us to understand that you can rely on God in the overwhelming times.

Rejoice in the Lord, Always.

We have a difficult time rejoicing when we are amid trials and testing circumstances. Our knowledge of the presence of God and the faithfulness of God enables us to rejoice in Him continuously.

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