Rescue the Lost

Salt and Light-Reaching and Loving the Lost

Jesus Christ came into this world to seek and save the lost; therefore, we must imitate Him and share the message of the gospel with those who do not Christ as their personal savior. We must approach our ministry dynamically and impact the world around us in a manner where we introduce the love of Christ in their lives.

We do not lose heart

the source of our encouragement

We easily get discouraged when we are serving the Lord. The word of God reminds us that we are never alone and God is always preparing us for His glory.

Jesus Christ (Tintoretto)

life and ministry of Jesus Christ: an invitation for you to know about Jesus so you can know Him

Today, Jesus is stranger in the midst of His followers. They claim to know about Him, pray to God in His name, talk about Him, sing about Him; however, do not know Him. This fall, we are going over the life and the ministry of Jesus Christ and we invite you to join us.


genuine love: i do not feel loved

As we distant ourselves from the genuine love–which we will define shortly–we tend to rely on our own understanding of love and being to declare it as genuine. Now, this sense of genuine love which in itself is not genuine is developed as we settle for the first form of love we attain in our lives without questioning the love we are attaining or looking for “The Genuine Love.”

sculpting clay

marriage: fruitless effort

We tend to enforce our own marital-worldview on our spouse and neglect to see our own behavior and conduct. The wrong approach to our marriage not only deteriorates our relationship with our spouse, but leaves us frustrated.


marriage: more than getting rid of spiders

Is there a single thing in marriage we can focus on, which will help thrive in our relationship and set an example for the generations to come?

overcoming uncertainty

We overcome uncertainty by knowing who God is and the nature of God concerning His promises. It is only then can we face it head on and rely on God’s faithfulness rather than our ability and resources. Remember, He is able to deliver, provide and sustain.


marriage: this fall, join us in Bloomfield, CT

The Iron Sharpens Iron Marriage Conference is designed to equip couples with biblical principles and practical application. Carissa and I are registered and would love you to join us.

Sunset view in Upstate New York

one thing: do it well

Our intentions are to accomplish everything for the Kingdom of God instead of focusing on one thing that can impact the Kingdom the most.

sun coming out of clouds

developing a heart for ministry

When we face difficulties in the ministry, we tend to forget what our ministry is about and we focus on how our comfort is being disruptive by the clouds of life. When that happens, we must turn to Christ instead of coming up with the strategies to gain our comfort back. We need to develop a heart for God and His people so we can glorify His name as He has called us to do.

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