Our Response to the Suffering

Our Response to the Suffering

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Our knowledge of God determines our response to the sufferings we are facing. The character of God helps us to understand why these sufferings are part of our lives and how God has given us the responsibilities to perform, regardless of our sufferings and comfort.

Sermon: Our Response to the Sufferings (Part1)

Providence of God

The providence of God means the continuing action of God in preserving His creation and guiding it toward His intended purposes. Preservation means that God maintains the creation that He brought into existence.  Government means that God is actively engaged in achieving His purposes in His creation, that sin cannot thwart those purposes.

Millard Erickson – Christian Theology

Sovereignty of God

Biblical teaching that God possesses all power and is the ruler of all things. God rules and works according to His eternal purpose, even though events that seem to contradict or oppose His rule.

Holman Bible Dictionary

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