Overwhelming Situations

Our Response to the Overwhelming Situations

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Some Situations are beyond our control.

What is your response to the overwhelming situations? We can describe the overwhelming situations as the situations that grab our attention where everything else in the world pauses around us and our precision focus is on the situation at hand. The overwhelming situations place such a burden which we cannot manage and will need to seek outside help.

Many times, they drive individuals to vices that lead to substance abuse and moral corruption. However, there is another way for us to respond to the overwhelming situations. We are dealing with the effects of coronavirus in the world; it has turned the world upside down, response to such a global effect at the time is fear.

Recommended Solution to Overwhelming Situations.

In this video, pastor Din highlights the character of God to help us understand that knowing who God is, we can get Him involved in our overwhelming situation and seek His help.

Our Response to the overwhelming situations.