marriage: more than getting rid of spiders

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Foundational ingredient

We all want to succeed in our marriage, it would be great for us to understand the deepest desire of our spouse and how we can thrive in our marriage. As believers, Christ is our foundation and He alone is the one who sustains our relationships; however, from the earthly perspective what is at the heart of our spouse and how can we thrive as a couple. Dr. Gary Smalley in the book “I Promise” discusses their research on the subject of a deeper intimacy and lasting relationship. The foundational ingredient for a thriving marriage is the security.

When your wife in the middle of the night asking you to investigate the noise she heard or the spider she would like to get rid of, she is communicating the sense of security she is seeking. The question is that, how can we use this knowledge to thrive in our own marriage and help others thrive as well.

Dr. Gary Smalley sheds the light on key components in relation to security in his book “I Promise”. I would encourage you to give this book a read as we will praying for you and your marriage as you continue to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in your marriage.