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life and ministry of Jesus Christ: an invitation for you to know about Jesus so you can know Him

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Those who claim to know Jesus may not know Him at all. They may know about Him, talk about Him, and pray in His name; however, they do not know Him. This fall, we will be going over the life and the ministry of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us as we get to know Jesus Christ rather than knowing about Him.

I will be leading the study on the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ, at the surface, it may appear that we know anything and everything about the life and the ministry of Jesus Christ. However, when we begin to dig deeper in the text and understand the God’s plan for the Life and the earthly ministry of Jesus, we come in contact with life transforming story. I will encourage you to follow us and if possible join us as we study the Life and the Ministry of Jesus Christ and develop a close and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Life of Christ: A Study Guide to the Gospel Record by M.S. Mills — The studies in this three volume guide are intended to help the Bible student understand more clearly the life our Savior lived on earth and His earthly ministry. Links to the Consolidated Gospel are available as the source supplements this study guide. This study is not at all exhaustive but is long enough to allow time to examine the gospel record in some detail and get to know it better. Some parts of the study are by nature academic, but the deeper you progress into the life of Christ, the more practical and challenging it becomes.