handling adversity: in the midst of chaos

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Underlying Issue

It is appropriate for us to say, that the adversity strikes without any warning.  Aftermath of adversity can tear our relationships apart, cause divide among nations and leave us with heartache and emotional setback. Can we prepare for such events in our own life and help others prepare for it as well? To answer such question, we need to look at the heart issues vs. the circumstances we are facing and will be facing. 

Coin of Adversity

Two sides of adversity are: one, which strengthens us spiritually and emotionally, second, it has the potential to leave us defeated and destroyed. In our humanity, we are drawn toward the second one due to our assumption of the world and adversity.  We always look at adversity in a negative way and expect others to do the right thing because of our expectations.  We cannot be further from the truth. Whether we are finding out that we were betrayed by our spouse or mate, our love ones have received a unpleasant news about terminal illness, we are losing our job and will have to start our career all over again, or have received the news about our loved one’s death.

Seeking Pleasure, Avoiding Pain

Before we dig deeper into the subject of handling adversity, let us look at some of our unreal expectations and our response when these unreal expectations are not met. Our unreal expectation are the result of us seeking pleasure in order to avoid pain, which, in reality brings us more pain over time. In our relationships, we expect everyone to do the right thing from our perspective; however, when our standards differ from others and they do not do as we expect them to do, we feel betrayed.

Benefits of Adversity

Sharpens Us

The adversity gives us the ability to look at the struggles of this life as they are and understand who God is as we rely on His grace and mercy to come to the other side of the struggle.

Helps us see Clearly

The adversity takes the scales off of our eyes and we see the struggles from God’s perspective rather than from our frailty. We understand that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who belong to Him and have placed their trust in Him.

Changes our Prayer Life