great reminder at the beginning of the new year

great reminder at the beginning of the year

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When we spend the time in the Word of God and understand who God is and what God has done for people throughout the ages. We understand that He is a faithful God and cares for His children as a Father.

God has a unique plan for each person regardless of their abilities and social status. He can fulfill that plan and use the humble. If you are struggling in your mind with what lies ahead in the coming days, take comfort in the Word of God. He, Himself reminds us through His Spirit that we are never alone. His promises are everlasting and they are ‘YES’ in Christ Jesus.

If you are struggling with the confidence in the Lord. I will encourage you to spend time in the Word of God: start today.

Do not let what you do not know manage your life but trust God and His Word. We are praying for you and your family as you continue to rely on the Lord.