Give God Time

give God the time

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Whenever we face a dire issue in our lives, the initial response is to resolve the issue and revert back to our current normal. The normal, where the status quo has the home field advantage. We exhaust all of our available resources, seek the guidance of those who are close to us and if their guidance is not satisfactory to our determined outcome, we seek the guidance of others. I am realizing that whenever we haste to resolve our issues, we rob God of teaching, training and preparing us for the future endeavors which we will face.

The desire to maintain the status quo, we sink ourselves into the situations which most likely are contrary to the plan of God. In the time of our struggle(s), we hunt for the ears of those will not only listen to our grievances and the empathize with our unforeseen dilemmas. These types of approaches pull us into the sin of gossip and hinders our spiritual growth.

We need to pay close attention to Abraham’s story, when he is called to sacrifice his beloved son; Abraham experiences that when he gave God the time and even while the knife was still in the air, the ram was provided. I will encourage you to take the time and evaluate your situation, your heart, and the advice of those who are around you. Let the Lord help you grow in the area you are currently struggling with and help you prepare for the next project, ministry, goal, and service He has in mind for you.

I am praying for you as you meditate on the grace of God and seek His face in the time of your need.