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COVID-19 Communication//Update

We are serving the Lord faithfully and we encourage you to continue to serve the Lord as He has called us. He has prepared us for such circumstances and is using us for His glory and His purpose.

Pastor Aamir Din and Family

Unto Us A Savior is Born

God has a plan for your life and it is time for us to rely on God rather than what we think of ourselves. Let God use us regardless of our abilities and status.

sculpting clay

marriage: fruitless effort

We tend to enforce our own marital-worldview on our spouse and neglect to see our own behavior and conduct. The wrong approach to our marriage not only deteriorates our relationship with our spouse, but leaves us frustrated.


marriage: more than getting rid of spiders

Is there a single thing in marriage we can focus on, which will help thrive in our relationship and set an example for the generations to come?


marriage: this fall, join us in Bloomfield, CT

The Iron Sharpens Iron Marriage Conference is designed to equip couples with biblical principles and practical application. Carissa and I are registered and would love you to join us.

Sunset view in Upstate New York

one thing: do it well

Our intentions are to accomplish everything for the Kingdom of God instead of focusing on one thing that can impact the Kingdom the most.

biblical marriage

Biblical Marriage and Our Role Pastor Din and his wife Carissa are committed to the Biblical marriage; their understanding of

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