Rejoice in the Lord, Always.

We have a difficult time rejoicing when we are amid trials and testing circumstances. Our knowledge of the presence of God and the faithfulness of God enables us to rejoice in Him continuously.

Give God Time

give God the time

Whenever we face a dire issue in our lives, our the initial response is to resolve the issue and revert back to our current normal. The normal, where the status quo has the home field advantage. We exhaust all of our available resources, seek the guidance of those who are close to us and if their guidance is not satisfactory to our determined outcome, we see the guidance of others. I am realizing that whenever we haste to resolve our issues, we rob God of teaching, training and preparing us for the future endeavor which we will face.


genuine love: i do not feel loved

As we distant ourselves from the genuine love–which we will define shortly–we tend to rely on our own understanding of love and being to declare it as genuine. Now, this sense of genuine love which in itself is not genuine is developed as we settle for the first form of love we attain in our lives without questioning the love we are attaining or looking for “The Genuine Love.”

sculpting clay

marriage: fruitless effort

We tend to enforce our own marital-worldview on our spouse and neglect to see our own behavior and conduct. The wrong approach to our marriage not only deteriorates our relationship with our spouse, but leaves us frustrated.

overcoming uncertainty

We overcome uncertainty by knowing who God is and the nature of God concerning His promises. It is only then can we face it head on and rely on God’s faithfulness rather than our ability and resources. Remember, He is able to deliver, provide and sustain.

sun coming out of clouds

developing a heart for ministry

When we face difficulties in the ministry, we tend to forget what our ministry is about and we focus on how our comfort is being disruptive by the clouds of life. When that happens, we must turn to Christ instead of coming up with the strategies to gain our comfort back. We need to develop a heart for God and His people so we can glorify His name as He has called us to do.


handling adversity: in the midst of chaos

Two sides of adversity are: one, which strengthens us spiritually and emotionally, second, it has the potential to leave us defeated and destroyed.

image by Sebastiann stam from unsplash


When we are focused on performance our goal is to impress people, even when those are not our attention. These desires can arise from seeking the approval of others and their acceptance; however, we need to know that these things are not lasting and are wearisome. We must take the time and look at the other side and see if the performance is not cutting it for us what would.

Prosperity starts on the inside

prosperity starts on the inside

Prosperity is more than the material possessions. Source: Prosperity Starts on the Inside This article is under constructions.

actions and words

You’re Not Talking, But You’re Still Communicating If you have not heard of or have been following John Maxwell, I

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