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You’re Not Talking, But You’re Still Communicating

If you have not heard of or have been following John Maxwell, I will encourage you to start reading and listening to this man of God today. He is answering his call with fervent and is serving the Lord in various ways. In this quick talk he talks about how when we are not talking we are still communicating.

Source: You’re Not Talking, But You’re Still Communicating

One of the things I found astonishing in this video is how John approaches the word communicate. He brings the biggest game player in our communication–attitude. Let us learn from John and examine our attitude and connect with our inner circle and let them share with us what we are saying when we are not saying anything.

John is a great leader and God has given me an opportunity to be the Kingdom of God and learn from John. I have joined John’s leadership team for coaching and teaching and it has been a blessing when serving God’s people. Please subscribe to John’s channel.

The resource from John Maxwell Team was used with permission, for more information about John Maxwell and how the Lord is using him, please visit,

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